Derek, Derek, Kristen

1) Experimentation

Architecture is a unique  discipline. It is artists, engineers, fabricators, and designers working together with technology and an experimental outlook. The architecture and design population of students and professionals are investigating, manipulating, and achieving new forms, structures, and designs with traditional and non-traditional materials. What is starting to evolve is a new architectural vernacular.

2) Responsibility

It is our responsibility, as creators of new landmarks throughout the world, to use these new methods and provide people as they enter a new architectural work to see it as a new beginning. Whether that beginning is a particular emotion, sense of environmental awareness, or creating a sense of involvement in a larger community, there must be something that touches them.

3) Technology

The principles that the architectural marvels of our predecessors were built on must not be forgotten but left in the past in order to strive for something that is revolutionary and indicative of our present values. This new design exploration will shape the architecture of today, producing an architectural dialect that is technology, fabrication, and interactive media inspired.

4) Materiality

We are in a time where technology is consistently evolving and because of that, new machines are feverishly updated. As machines become more advanced, and people become more knowledgeable of their capabilities, the norm of architecture will involve the continued exploration of traditional and non-traditional materials.  

5) Experience

The difference between a building and Architecture is whether there is an emotional experience. Depending on whether or not a particular design gives you an emotion, can be either a building or Architecture. We are seeing how these new technologies are influencing the design and the construction processes, but how are they changing the ways we experience our buildings? We must acknowledge that the architectural experience of today caries the same importance as the lives within it.

6) Collaboration

Stop, collaborate, and listen… New or modern architecture can’t just be about pushing the boundaries for new designs; it is a composite of sound forms of collaboration. It must be a symphony of experimentation, responsibility, technology, materiality, and experience to collectively form the architecture of today.

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