Melissa, Will, and Natalie

What Is Architecture?

  • Architecture (‘s):
    • “…is a consequential response to the human experience.”
    • “…suffers with routine” –Le Corbusier
    • “…is the act of adapting ones environment to the changes presented by the evolving technological world.” 
    • “…is evolutionary and if we deny it that then we are only limiting our gains.”
    • “…evolution is intrinsically related to advances in technology.”
    • “…is increasingly being influenced by our way of life and the effect that technologies have on it.”
    • “…is presented with new issues and constraints due to these new technologies.”
    • “….and the architect have a responsibility to formulate the meeting of architecture and technology in his/her designs, choosing to respond to limitations and requirements with the introduction of new technologies that may seek to remedy these limitations.”

  • “…and the architect should always press forward to adapt new expertise to historical problems, never hesitating or reminiscing on what could have been or being constrained by past ideas.”



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