tetraMIN 108

Alright! After 108 hours of work, not including prototyping, we finally finished our hanging screen generated by Grasshopper in Rhino. It was displayed during RIMMEA 2011. Full pictures of the installation can be found on our flickr page.

Press Release:

tetraMIN is a hanging screen aggregate consisting of componentry generatedfrom tetrahedren geometry via Rhino’s Grasshopper parametric modeling plug-in. Comprised of laser cut polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) scraps, each componentforms a periodic minimal surface, and is propagated into a regular pattern by aseries of reflecting/mirroring operations. The PTFE is the former roof material fromthe RCA Dome, a large pneumatic roof stadium prior to demolition in 2008, and wasdonated to the studio by Michael Bricker, director of People for Urban Progress,located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

System prototyping and fabrication occurred in one week by a nine member teamof Ball State University architecture students. Working with the Institute for DigitalFabrication’s faculty and equipment (primarily laser cutters), the team fabricatedeach component with a tab-and-slot connector system to enable the assembly of thescreen. Inexpensive zip ties are also strategically deployed throughout the screenassembly for structural stiffening
Backlit for a glowing visual effect, tetraMIN is currently on display in the Collegeof Architecture and Planning’s gallery to coincide with a special event aligned withmanufacturing and materials research.

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