Atelier 3+U Review

On Friday, February 11th the Atelier 3+U met with

William Marquez, principal,                                                                                                               With Purpose                                                                                 

Paul Puzello, principal                                                                                                             Method Design Architecture                                                       

Donna Sink, principal                                                                                                                           MW Harris                                                                                             

Dick Lutin, president                                                                                                                     ACS Sign Systems                                                                           

Wes Janz, founder                                                                                     

The discussion started with a critique of the design submitted for the StreetFest Competition put on by the New Museum and Storefront for Art and Architecture. The design competition critique then lead to a roundtable discussion focused around future exploration and continual development of the project thus far. Listed below is a summary of notes from the conversation.

Competition Design Critique

-Needs a structure                                                                                                                                         Idea was to rent a frame and have the blocks hang from                                                               the frame like panels                                                                                                                -Push the Program                                                                                                                                       Explore the options of writing, projecting, and hanging from the system                        -Furniture                                                                                                                                                       Look at taking design to create furniture, which will have the furniture be the                         experience                                                                                                                                   -Bizarre to transform the material into a square form and then to stack them                        -Make sure to use the material for its properties                                                                                     Weaving will not make the material stronger, but is aesthetically pleasing                     -Wacky idea…                                                                                                                                      -Struggled to see the design used effectively as a Street-Fair                                                     -Experiment with the idea by placing it in a neighborhood and observe how people interact with it                                                                                                                                                    -Potential in the Roof design                                                                                                                       Focused too much on the walls and the roof is the important element of street-fair                 design                                                                                                                                          -Continue the triangular pattern on the roof so it covers more to protect from water              -Concerned about the amount of plastic bags that would be necessary to meet the design   -Have an interior frame for each individual block                                                                         -Have the renderings show artwork and functions of the spaces                                                 -The rendering were repetitive, and not showing new information                                            -Exploded diagram of assembly was helpful, but needed to be twice as big                               -Concern that the base unit filled with sand or a heavy material would not function as anticipated                                                                                                                                           -Do not try to design with just the RCA dome material

Expanded Conversation

-“Creativity depends on failure”                                                                                                       -“Is it the experience or does it accept the experience”                                                               -We did not sell the upcycling idea                                                                                                   -Do not be afraid to fail                                                                                                                       -Design for a specific site                                                                                                                   -How can we encourage community involvement in architecture and art?                               -Continue research with the material properties and document success and failures               -Step away from the computer and test the material with models, laser cutting, sewing, rasterizing, weaving, etc                                                                                                                    -Look at what the fabric wants to be                                                                                               -The fabric needs a frame                                                                                                                 -Explore creating installations                                                                                                          -Where do we want the studio to go?

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Project Mailed Out!

We mailed out our Streetfest Competition piece early this afternoon. We are all very excited to see how everything goes in New York!

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Curved Wall

We are trying to see if curving a bricked wall will provide the aesthetics, structure and function needed. We are concerned about the functionality of it at the moment. Would this truly be suitable for a street fair?

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Link Pattern

Demonstration of the ‘link’ material pattern done in Grasshopper for Rhino.

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Current Brick Ideas

We are currently going with a triangular unit for our stuff-able brick. We must still decide what pattern our wrapped fabric should be. The ‘linked’ look may make our walls appear to be mattresses, so we should discuss this. The patterns on some of these renderings are simple diamond shaped patterns for the time being until we figure out the solution.

The lights in this example are triangular units of similar size to the bricks as opposed to cylinders placed between units. Do we want to go in this direction? We also need to talk about how to properly construct the ceiling material without making it too overbearing.

It goes without saying that none of these renderings are final.

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Old Ball Idea

This video is just to give an idea of where we where before we started playing with a brick idea.

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urban fabric(k)ation

urban fabrickation

we need some branding/naming decisions.

above is a proposal.

please comment…


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